Thc cbd indica landrace

15 Cannabis Strains High In Cannabidiol (CBD) – The Chill Bud CBD:THC ratios often reach around 2:1, making Swiss Gold a great CBD heavy strain. Even though it is classified as a sativa, users report some potent indica effects.

7 reviews. This THC BioMed's proprietary Indica strain has been choice bred by a team of expert growers from landrace  Read reviews on the Landrace Strain by THC BioMed submitted by Lift & Co. $6.00 /g. THC 19.9%. CBD 0%. Would buy again?93.3%.

Classifying Cannabis: A guide to terpene profiles & percentage

Thc cbd indica landrace

Landrace Cannabis: The Original Sativa and Indica Strains terpenes, which may be just as important in deciding the effects of a strain as its THC/CBD content. Indica vs. Sativa: Know Your Cannabis Subspecies.

Afghani Landrace Cannabis Strain is pure, never crossed and always grown in its natural Afghani Landrace is an Indica strain. Average THC / CBD Level.

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Thc cbd indica landrace

Landrace from Afghanistan.

CBD. 1%. Very Low. Type. Strain Type.

Thc cbd indica landrace

Landrace Cannabis | Buy Original Marijuana Strains At SeedSupreme The best for Landrace Strains Cannabis Seeds specially developed cannabis seeds online. Choose based on THC, CBD, Yield, Indica / Sativa and get the best geneti Landrace Cannabis - In Search of The Missing Genotype - Royal Landrace Cannabis - In Search of The Missing Genotype. Landrace cannabis refers to cannabis strains that grow in the wild. They are not cross-contaminated by other breeds. Balkhi - Kwik Seeds - Landrace Seeds - The Real Seed Company Northern Afghan landraces cannot be easily categorized according to Western preconceptions about Indica- or Sativa-type strains. As with all resin landraces, expect to find chemotypes ranging from THC- to CBD-dominant, as well as other cannabinoids such as THCV. This landrace differs from the very large strain sold by Real Seed Co as Mazar-i Indica vs.

level 1. Original Poster 10 Landrace Strains: The Complete Guide To These Rare Strains - When a landrace strain is removed from its indigenous environment (say, Pakistan) and forced to grow elsewhere (say, Mexico), it has to mature in different growing conditions. In response to those new growing conditions, the plant will exhibit new characteristics (e.g., smaller flowers, longer grow time, higher THC).

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ACE Seeds This lebanese strain consistently produces CBD quantities between 6 and 16%. ACE Seeds offers you this gem of the cannabis world, a essential traditional hash plant, that should be present in any landrace lovers' seed collection. Sativa vs.